Favorite Color...Cute Boys
Hey! My name is Jordan. I’m 19, gay, and Christian. I’m a Junior majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. I love One Direction, Zac Efron, Tom Daley, and Taylor Swift, and I recently had the most amazing opportunity to study abroad in Minas Gerais, Brazil at the Federal University of Viçosa. So although I'm not yet fluent, I can speak a decent amount of Portuguese so that's pretty cool!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to send a message me if you want and have a great day!! ;-)

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    i need clear skin by yesterday

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  • lindsaylohoean:

    me when i get a better grade than the best student in my class


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  • teenssfromhell:

    when u havent done ur homework but the teacher goes through the answers with the class


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